Value Proposition


Explore higher level of multiplexing on a single slide

Biomarker Discovery relies on interrogating heterogeneous cells’ interplay on the same slide (n>5). With no requirement of capital instrumentation investment, we engage in long-term partnerships with strategic collaborators to identify and validate novel biomarker signatures.

Translational Research

Fast cycles of hypothesis-driven marker experiments

Translational science requires agile and iterative marker investigations. Use the broad marker coverage of our kits portfolio in combination with our fast and highly customizable Service offerings to explore known and proprietary markers.

Clinical Research

Batches of multiplexed whole slides images at high-throughput

In clinical research, time to data is of the essence given the volume of samples to analyze. Use our plug-and-play 5-plex immuno-profiling kits with SOPs optimized with common instrumentation and software for whole slide imaging.


  • Spatial and quantitative marker studies for holistic data interpretation on single slides
  • Whole slide imaging with high level of multiplexing not limited to regions of interest
  • Broad, attractive, growing portfolio of kits supporting tumor immuno-profiling for research
  • Agile analysis of marker signatures within short and iterative cycles
  • Robust antibody selection process with flexibility to include proprietary antibodies
  • Fully optimized reagents and protocols exempt of any assay development or optimization work
  • Plug-in assays into existing workflows with no capital investment
  • Unchanged tissue sample preparation process
  • Freedom to choose from manual and automated protocols depending on throughput needs
  • Ultivue on the way to provide content for regulated use such as CDx and Dx tests
  • Fast, batchable protocol with a single staining, single amplification, and single imaging step for 5-plex whole slide images
  • Intuitive, user-friendly kits with concise training needed
  • Agile Service offering to custom design panels and test customer samples with a fast turn-around time
  • On-demand remote and on-site support from experienced Customer Engagement team
  • Broad spectrum of kits for complete immuno-profiling studies
  • Full panel customization through Service offering
  • Access to higher level of multiplexing through strategic Partnerships
  • Wide range of marker studies from early-stage discovery to targeted, retrospective clinical validations
  • Customizable reagents with clear path for provision as regulated content

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Our proprietary InSituPlex technology enables unsurpassed biomarker detection and analysis in tissue, with no compromise on level of multiplexing, throughput of sample staining and imaging, and with no requirement of dedicated instrumentation.

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Standard and Custom Services

With speed and flexibility at heart, our Services offers access to a menu of 5-Plex validated panels and to highly customizable panels to include all your markers of interests

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