Published November 9, 2017

Ultivue Inc. Launches InSituPlex™ Services for Whole Slide, High Definition Spatial Multiplex Tissue Biomarker Analysis

CAMBRIDGE, Mass, November 9, 2017--Ultivue has announced today the commercial launch of InSituPlex Services that provide transformative interrogation of protein biomarker expression patterns in tissue. The service offering relies on the company's proprietary InSituPlex technology that supports unbiased biomarker analysis in tissue at a high level of multiplex and with high spatial resolution. Ultivue's initial panel of markers responds to the immediate need of translational and clinical research laboratories to generate reliable, holistic immunology profiles of human tumor microenvironments in tissue biopsies. "Our portfolio will expand rapidly beyond the initial panel, delivering broader tumor immunology profiles, generating critical information to decipher complex mechanisms of cancer development and progression, and identifying critical markers for improved patient stratification in clinical trials" says Philippe Mourere, SVP Commercial Operations.

InSituPlex Services are operated out of Ultivue's laboratories located in Cambridge, MA, by an experienced team of histopathology scientists. "Our service laboratory is run by an exceptional scientific team and is powered by Leica Biosystems' BOND RX advanced staining research platform and by Leica Biosystems' Versa digital pathology scanner and associated image analysis algorithm" says Mourere.​

Ultivue welcomes the opportunity to network with the scientific community at the 2017 Annual Meeting for the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) from November 10 to 12, in National Harbor, MD.

Dr. Michael Natan, Ultivue's Chief Executive Officer, "We are very excited to launch InSituPlex Services as the first leg of Ultivue's pioneering reagent-based platform for tissue multiplexing, providing customers an opportunity to see both the power and simplicity of our platform for generating high-quality biomarker data on whole slides, and positioning us as a premier technology provider in this space. Early next year will bring the launch of our first kit-based products that will make InSituPlex technology broadly available for high-throughput implementation using customers' existing auto-stainers and imaging systems. The final leg of the platform, strategic partnerships for biomarker discovery with very high levels of multiplexing and customer-designed content, will follow soon thereafter. We expect that InSituPlex Services will be instrumental both for development of kit content and as a stepping stone to development of custom biomarker panels."

About Ultivue

By developing a single set of novel, proprietary reagents used both for biomarker discovery (higher content, low throughput) and translational use (lower content, high throughput), Ultivue is connecting the insights gained from research directly into the pathology lab. Ultivue’s UltiMapper™ multiplexed assays applied to tissue biopsy samples enable simultaneous quantitation of multiple biomarkers with sub-cellular spatial resolution and fit completely within traditional IHC workflows. Translational and clinical researchers leverage UltiMapper assays to elucidate complex biology and demonstrate their clinical utility as precision medicine research tools. Ultivue is expanding its UltiMapper assay product portfolio and menu of contract research services to provide a comprehensive set of precision medicine solutions for oncology research and focus in other therapeutic areas.

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Louis Levy