Published March 23, 2017

Ultivue Inc. Announces Expansion of Executive Team

CAMBRIDGE, Mass, March 23, 2017--Ultivue has appointed Philippe Mourere as Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations. Mourere previously served as Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Cell Signaling Technology and as Senior Director, Corporate Development, Life Science & Technology Business at PerkinElmer, Inc. From 2006 to 2012, Mourere served as Senior Director, Global Sales & Marketing, Discovery, Alliances & Services and as Marketing Manager at Caliper Life Sciences, Inc., acquired by PerkinElmer for approximately $600 million in 2011. From 2002 to 2006, Mourere served as Sales Manager at CIS Bio International, acquired by Ion Beam Applications, S.A. in 2008.

"We are delighted to have Philippe join Ultivue's Executive Management team to lead the commercialization of our reagent-based solutions for high definition biology," said Dr. Michael Natan, Chief Executive Officer. "Philippe's domain knowledge and business experience will accelerate the market introduction and broad adoption of our technology and offerings of reagents, instrumentation and strategic partnerships in the biomedical research and diagnostic community."

​Mourere received his M.Sc. in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University Paul Sabatier and his D.E.S.S. in Biology-Biotechnology from St. Jerome University, France.

​Ultivue will present its most recent advances in biomarker multiplexing in tissue at the upcoming annual meeting conference of the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) April 1-5 in Washington DC. "Ultivue's unique value proposition that combines unlimited multiplexing in situ with high spatial resolution and pharma-friendly workflows will set a new standard for biomarker discovery. By facilitating the identification of clinically-relevant, highly-reproducible biomarker signatures using existing workflows, drug approval and companion diagnostic test development will be accelerated," said Mourere.

​Mourere added that "Ultivue will continue to build up on its recent, successful strategic engagements with pharmaceutical companies, expanding its commercial capabilities to reach the biotech and translational research communities."

About Ultivue

By developing a single set of novel, proprietary reagents used both for biomarker discovery (higher content, low throughput) and translational use (lower content, high throughput), Ultivue is connecting the insights gained from research directly into the pathology lab. Ultivue’s UltiMapper™ multiplexed assays applied to tissue biopsy samples enable simultaneous quantitation of multiple biomarkers with sub-cellular spatial resolution and fit completely within traditional IHC workflows. Translational and clinical researchers leverage UltiMapper assays to elucidate complex biology and demonstrate their clinical utility as precision medicine research tools. Ultivue is expanding its UltiMapper assay product portfolio and menu of contract research services to provide a comprehensive set of precision medicine solutions for oncology research and focus in other therapeutic areas.

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Louis Levy