Ultivue Values

Ultivue employees work passionately, smartly, collaboratively, and with a sense of accountability to achieve ambitious breakthroughs, in an innovative environment cultivating out-of-the-box thinking and appropriate risk-taking.

Key Managers

  • "Ultivue is an immensely talented group of scientists, thinkers and leaders. We all want to bring about change, and at Ultivue, we are."

    Jonathan Budd Jonathan Budd Controller
  • "Ultivue is an exciting, dynamic, fast growing company and it's great working with so many talented people. I especially like helping to create an innovative technology platform that we hope will revolutionize tissue pathology and improve medicine. The images are gorgeous and fascinating, too!"

    Douglas Wood, PhD. Douglas Wood, PhD. Principal Software Engineer
  • "Ultivue is a very exciting place to work - full of smart, creative people willing to tackle any challenge and seeking to make a positive impact in the world."

    Stephanie Walter, PhD. Stephanie Walter, PhD. R&D Team Leader
  • "Life at Ultivue is fast-paced and energizing. The team is developing exciting, cutting-edge technologies, bringing innovative solutions to real life applications."

    Mael Manesse, PhD. Mael Manesse, PhD. R&D Team Leader

Executive Management

Leadership Team